About Us

I have worked retail all my working life till I got sick. My husband is a jack of all trades. We had opened a retail store in Parkhills Missouri. We stayed open for a few years then my health got worst. I couldn't do the store any longer. The store was called Jeannie's Creation. We made candles and wax melts, sold Aroma lamps, jewelry, and ladies handbags.

Then we decided to build our own website so I could work from home. It's a family business. We decided to do wood work after we closed the store. Now my father-in-law is involved. He makes some of the plaques. It gives him something to do and he enjoys it. I enjoy painting the plaques. My husband over sees all of it and gives us direction. He enjoys telling everyone what to do LOL. We started making the plaques in the basement of our home. We have sold our plaques on E-bay and Etsy.

Our logo is now called Jeannie May's Place. Our wax melts and fragrance oils now have Jeannie May's Place. We still make them also. 

We take a lot of pride in what we do. We want our customers to be 100% satisfied with the products.We put all of our heart and soul into making the perfect products. We are learning new techniques and ways of doing different things so we can bring our customers a wider variety and more unique products.